The Noose in Gold Coast – Warner Brothers Movie World, Gold Coast

Friday 15 June 2012

Barbarella and Pornsak head down to Warner Bros Movie World , a world of fantasy and fun with world class adventure rides and movie attractions such as the adrenalin pumping Superman Escapes, Batwing Spaceshot, the Green Lantern Coaster and Batman Adventure – The Ride 2.

Look up ! That’s Batman !

News from Gotham Gazzette

Barbarella gets all excited. She is a fan of Batman and thinks he is one hunk of an ang mo. She looks for him anxiously while Pornsak goes looking for a pole. He needs to do his   traditional “Thai”exercise to get his mojo running but for the past few days, he just hasn’t had the time to do so. This lamp post at Warner Brothers Movie World should do it.

Time to Sabai Sabai !

Meanwhile, Barbarella spots a tall, dark and handsome ang mo.  Yes, it’s Batman !

Batman and Barbarella Forever !

Pointy pointy ears !

Who is that Joker ? Did he escape from Arkham Asylum ?

Smile !

What’s the matter Pornsak ? Scared ?

Arkham Asylum

And now, sit tight Pornsak, it’s going to be a bumpy ride !

Good time !
Warner Bros Movie World
Pacific Highway, Oxenford QLD 4210
Words and pictures by Serene Choo, Channel 5
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