The Noose in Gold Coast – QT Gold Coast Hotel

Friday 15 June 2012

From the great outdoors of the Gold Coast to a feast for the senses.  Barbarella and Ponsak head down to QT Gold Coast, a designer hotel that is a stylish santuary for those who love to drink and dine.  There is the delightful cafe FITT , the unique marketplace style dining restaurant called Bazaar and the cool Stingray Lounge.

The exterior of QT Gold Coast

There is even a cute little bike outside QT and Pornsak can’t resist posing seductively…….

Rent me !

How many baht ?

FIXX cafe at QT Gold Coast

As colourful as my shirt !

Marketplace style dining at Bazaar

The most stylish display of fruits

The beautiful interior of Bazaar

Fresh seafood

Barbarella and Ponsak love seafood

Barbarella and Ponsak feast themselves on a buffet of immense pleasure. Dutch oven stewed beef, tangy pork ribs, salads, fresh seafood. Mmm…… There is even tom yum salmon soup for Ponsak !

And for drinks and lounging, there is Stingray. Not the type served with sambal.   Yes ! Pornsak and Barbarella would like to think they ‘re hip too.

Barbarella and Ponsak posing together

QT Gold Coast Hotel
Cnr Gold Coast Highway and Staghorn Avenue
Surfers Paradise
Words and pictures by Serene Choo, Channel 5
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