The Noose in Gold Coast – Surfer’s Paradise

Tuesday 12 June / Wednesday 13 June, 2012

Barbarella and Pornsak set off for another adventure in the Land Down Under. It was Scoot’s inaugural direct flight to Gold Coast and the 2 friends are thrilled to be amongst the first on what Pornsak calls the ‘ello ‘eroplane.

They play games on board and even go round in their best pyjamas – Barbarella with her lingerie of pink feathers and Pornsak in his “Good Time” happy coat.

Upon touch down, all passengers are given a special Queensland, Aussie welcome and with a wonderful breeze and golden sun rays shining, Barbarella and Pornsak are looking forward to a wonderful holiday !

A warm Gold Coast welcome !

Barbarella , the beach queen is anxious to hit Surfers Paradise in her “bigini” and hopefully meet some ang mo men while Pornsak is Sabai Sabai happy just practising his surf ride on land. The waves scare him . There is no pole to hold on to and this makes him insecure.

Look ! I’m surfing !

Meanwhile, Barbarella meets some cute Life Savers at Northcliff Surf Club and they gallantly carry her on their surf board. Hail to Singapore’s president of the SPGs (Sarong Party Girls)!

Hail to the Queen of Singapore’s SPGs !

Barbarella is Hot !

That’s not all. Barbarella meets a nice Australia saxaphonist who just happened to be on the beach that day when he saw a woman waving at him while posing seductively.

Hello ang mo !

Confident and happy, Barbarella goes shopping for biginis at Cavill Avenue to add to her growing SPG collection. She knows that she is sizzling hot and Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast Australia is the place to flaunt it !

How do I look in my new bigini ?

Words and pictures by Serene Choo, Channel 5

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