Million Dollar Money Drop Goes To Square 2!

Raise your hands if you want to win a Million Dollars!

No, we’re not kidding! Sign up to be a contestant of Channel 5’s Million Dollar Money Drop and you can walk away with up to SGD $1million cash prize!

The enthusiastic crowd who turned up at our roadshow at Square 2 last Sunday are the first to hear about the identity of the host of this brand new game show. He is none other than the up-and-coming half Greek, half Chinese actor and model –George Young.

George Young, host of Million Dollar Money Drop

Host of Million Dollar Money Drop, George Young

George, together with our emcee Shawnrick, gave the crowd a quick heads up on how the game is played. A few lucky audience were also chosen to participate in the Game Section, walking away with a crisp $50 note and a special Channel 5 goodie bag.

So you want to be a millionaire? Here’s how the game goes:

1. A pair of contestants start off with a million in hard cash.
2. Answer 8 MCQ questions by physically putting the money on trap doors representing the options.
3. Win a million dollars if you get all the questions right!

Here’s a video of how the game is played in the U.S.

Looks easy? Have a go at the game by joining our walk-in auditions! Just show up with a partner at the MediaCorp Reception with both your entry forms completed on Sunday 19 June, from 2pm to 4pm.

Find out more about the show here!

All the best to all you potential future-millionaires!

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