Box Office Showcase: Twilight, This Sunday, 12th June, 10pm!!!

Based on the novel by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight revolves around an ordinary girl named Bella and a not so ordinary boy/man/really-old man named Edward (p.s. he doesn’t age). Then you throw in some hot vampires, a hint of werewolves, some gripping action scenes and a love story and voila! You have Twilight!

It never fails to amaze us how the movie managed to garner such a huge fan base and made vampires cool again. Gone were the days where vampires freaked you out like Count Dracula! Nowadays, they seem to charm people and sweep us off our feet. Plus, look at how many vampire-related shows have sprouted out since [e.g. The Vampire Diaries, The Gates (showing on Saturdays, 10pm on Channel 5 by the way) & of course, the spoof Vampires Suck]

In Twilight, you have the good vampires and the bad ones. We wonder… if we were vampires, would we rather not drink human blood like the Cullens? Or would we rather be bloodthirsty vampires like James and his coven? Hmmm…

The Cullens:

From left to right: Jasper Hale & Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale & Emmet Cullen, Carlisle & Esme Cullen, Edward Cullen & Bella Swan

James’ Coven

From left to right: James, Laurent, Victoria

And just a fun fact before we sign off, did you know that there’s actually a scene in the movie that makes reference to the original book cover? Look out for it!

So, be sure to catch Twilight in your Box Office Showcase this Sunday, 10pm!

Plus, 3 lucky viewers can stand to win a brand new camera worth $399 each!

Click here for more details

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