The Gates: Vampires and Werewolves and Witches, Oh Dear!

When you’ve got vampires and werewolves in the mix, you can expect some bloodshed. And add a dash of witches to the mix and we have a series with supernatural elements that worked well in the new series, The Gates. Lets meet our cast of supernatual characters:  

Claire Radcliff – is the perfect Gates housewife and mother on the outside. On the inside she is a vampire and wife to Dylan Radcliff, made by him decades ago. Claire is having a hard time adjusting to concealing her vampirism. She has urges to drink human blood even if it means accidentally killing someone.

Dylan Radcliff – is a highly successful entrepreneur with a savory lifestyle. He is alsoa vampire and husband to Claire. He wants to assimilate into the human life at The Gates and does that by gathering blood for his family to drink from his company.

Brett Crezski – smart, good-looking, athletic and a football star in  the Gates Academy. Add werewolf to that list!  His mother doesn’t want him “running” or participating in the normal werewolf activities out of fear that he will be caught and killed.

Devon Buckley – ex-wife of The Gates owner Frank Buckley, she owns a local day spa in The Gates and is a witch. Some call her two-faced. Some call her enterprising. But everyone calls her a powerful force within The Gates. She is the bad witch!

Peg Mueller – like Devon, Peg is a witch and Devon’s former teacher. Unlike Devon though she is using her witchcraft to genuinely help the supernatural residents of The Gates which makes her  the good witch. 

Andie Bates –  a classmates of Charlie’s and Brett’s ex-girlfriend.  Her mother was not human, but a Succubus and Andie is now turning into one as well.

Leigh Turner – One of Nick’s deputies at The Gates Police Department. She seems to be a genuinely nice and caring person but she is not entirely human. Lets just say her heart is not in the right place.

With so many characters on board, The Gates looks set to be intriguing week after week. The Gates premieres tomorrow on Channel 5 at 10:00pm! Let’s all be sugar, spice and everything nice and welcome them to the neighbourhood.

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