The Gates – Premiering on 14th May

If you took pretty much every aspect of the Twilight franchise and tossed it into an episode of Desperate Housewives, the hybrid that would manifest itself would probably look something like The Gates. 

The show primarily follows on the Monahans and their move from their life in Chicago to a picture-perfect planned community filled with vampires, werewolves and witches. Lets get to know the characters on the show, let us bore your with the human characters first:

Nick Monohan – is the new Chief of Police in The Gates. He moves in with his family in order to start a new life from his detective work in Chicago, which ended when he shot a man. He takes his job wayyyy too seriously and feels wayyyy too guilty about everything. Like take a chill pill dude and and for your info … slacking is not as easy as it looks.

Sarah Monohan – wife of Nick. She thought she had moved into Wisteria Lane only to discover the housewives are more from True Blood and Charmed! She needs “gurlfriends” who will have her back.

Charlie Monohan – son of Nick & Sarah. Your usual teenager at the start of the show but does not remain all “normal” by the end of it.  

Marcus Jordan – member of The Gates PD for a year now, which is nearly the record for police officers. In other words, he has no other skills to land another job.


Frank Buckley – owner of The Gates. He secretly records residents for their dark secrets (maybe as a form of blackmail). His current wife, Vanessa has a lot of bite.

These are just the humans; we still have the vampires, werewolves, witches and a succubus to introduce. The Gates premieres on Saturday (14th May) at 10:00pm on Channel 5. Let’s all be sugar, spice and everything nice and welcome them to the neighbourhood.

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