LATEST on the WAS & Noose Lawsuit!!

The rumours are still spreading thick and fast! We’ve tried to get a confirmation from both the producers of We are Singaporeans and The Noose but they seem to be very tight-lipped about the situation. When asked if there IS a pending lawsuit from The Noose, a producer of We are Singaporeans said, “I neither confirm nor deny this.” Hmmm – how suspicious is that!

Meanwhile Hossan has been spotted around MediaCorp looking rather worried and grim – worried about his job you think? In fact, there’s another video of him circulating online – this time, auditioning for other gigs! (See video below)

We are Singaporeans will be recording a few episodes this weekend and it’ll be interesting to see if Hossan is gonna be present….our guys will be on the ground to report the latest! Stay tuned!!

Oh and listen to what Barbarella and Leticia have had to say about the whole situation…Barbarella sounds a little sore if you ask me. But then again – it’s Barbarella! haha

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