The Gates – Premiering on 14th May

Channel 5 premieres a new show titled The Gates. And from the look of the show, it is more exclusive than District 21 right here in Singapore. However be prepared to put up with “eccentric” neighbours. 

The Gates is an image of perpetual suburban bliss, each street is lined with perfectly manicured homes and protected by the massive iron gates. Hmmm …  maybe some of the new condos here should use this description for their launch. :-p

A dark and delicious secret is buried just beneath the surface of this picturesque neighborhood.  Unions will be complicated by friends with unnatural influence, insatiable housewives will struggle with ravenous cravings, and teenagers will be cursed with keeping their beastly instincts in check.

To put it simply, think “Twilight” but after Edward, Bella and Jacob are all grown up and settled into the real world involving married life, huge mortages, jobs that suck and kids that just won’t grow up!

Yes! The series is filled vampires, werewolves, witches and a succubus.  Part of the initial fun of watching this series is trying to figure out just who the monsters are and whether the humans might be the only “normals” around.

The Gates premieres on Saturday (14th May) at 10:00pm on Channel 5. Let’s all be sugar, spice and everything nice and welcome them to the neighbourhood.

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