It’s Friday … Friday! It’s the Royal Wedding Day!!

 The first thing to be said about today’s royal wedding is unconditional. We at Channel 5 wish Prince William and Catherine Middleton a long and happy married life together!

Imagine the number of eye balls that would tuning in to the wedding later today. As per Britain’s Sun, some 3 billion hopeless romantics will tune in to William and Kate’s nuptials and, in the process, leave Charles and Diana’s wedding in the dust. An audience of 3 billion would mean a staggering 44 percent of the globe’s 6.8 billion. In 1981, the Charles and Diana shindig, said to have been watched by 750 million, captured 17 percent of the world’s then-4.5 billion. The numbers are … staggering!

The official royal wedding program has been made available on-line for admirers of Prince William and Kate Middleton to gander out. If you print it out, put on a big hat and watch the wedding live with Channel 5 on a big-screen TV, it’ll be like you’re actually there! Plus it would be cheaper too.

At the center of the program is this picture (above) of the happy couple from when they were first engaged. We must say the picture would be perfect for a toothpaste ad! Later today these smiling faces will be husband and wife. We’re starting to tear up already!!! 

Today is going to be a perfect day! Perhaps even Mother Nature will do her part and hold off on the rain! Fingers crossed! We’re so ridiculously happy for them!

Below is the schedule for the royal wedding telecasts:

The Royal Wedding: Fri, 29 Apr 3pm – 8.40pm (LIVE) / Sun, 8 May 6am – 11.30am (ENCORE)

The Royal Wedding Retrospective: Sat, 30 Apr, 1.30pm – 3.45pm

Royal Wedding of a Lifetime (The Future King & Queen): Sun, 1 May, 10pm – 11pm

The Royal Wedding Highlights: Sun, 1 May, 11pm – 12.30am

Don’t forget to catch the Royal Wedding “LIVE” on Channel 5 today from 3pm onwards. New wedding, new life and a new fairytale in the making.

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2 Responses to It’s Friday … Friday! It’s the Royal Wedding Day!!

  1. Linn says:

    awww..will there be a night re telecast or on xin msn?

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