1 Day to Royal Weddding on Channel 5!

What comes after a royal wedding? The royal honeymoon! Unlike the much publizied wedding, the details of the honeymoon destination has been kept under wraps. But secrets are meant to be shared!

Our sources have revealed to us that Prince William & Kate will honeymoon in Jordan!

Pretty original, we think! But wait! What if it is a fake-out?! What if there are several “itineraries” being handed around? We wouldn’t be surprised! Sneaky, sneaky!

And what favourite alcoholic beverage has been banned from the royal wedding? Prince William and Kate Middleton have banned beer from their upcoming royal nuptials. Beer was deemed to be unsuitable for such a distinguished occasion so guests will be served only champagne and wine. Well excuse us commoners!!!

The couple has also agreed to stay sober throughout the evening in order to “savor” their special day. Aw, so sweet.

Wondering what else will be served at the royal wedding? The official royal wedding menu will include canapés, quail’s eggs with celery salt, mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef, and mini sausage rolls. Mmmm….sound, ummmm, yummy!? We guess they decided to spend the most of the money on Kate’s dress and William’s new hair piece!

Don’t forget to catch the Royal Wedding “LIVE” on Channel 5 tomorrow from 3pm onwards. New wedding, new life and a new fairytale in the making.

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