2 Days to Royal Weddding on Channel 5!

Exciting! The guest list for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s  royal wedding has been revealed! So, who’s going??

As expected, David and Victoria Beckham, as well as Sir Elton John have been invited.  Singer Joss Stone, Madonna’s ex and director of Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie and Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean are just some of the other names on the list.  

And what would a royal wedding be with other royal attendance? Prince Albert of Monaco as well as royals from Spain, Greece, Tonga, Swaziland, Denmark, Bahrain, Belgium, Morocco, Norway, Yugoslavia, Abu Dhabi, The Netherlands, Malaysia and Saudi Arabiaare also on the invite list. Hmm, that’s odd that we weren’t invited. Weird. Ha! Just kidding!

A wedding with music that will tug at your heart strings? Yes please! Our sources have revealed that an album will be released featuring music from the ceremony itself. The album will be produced by the well-known classical record producer, Anna Barry.  A portion of proceeds from sales of the album will go to charity organizations such as The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry and The Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund. Grab your copy when it hits the stands! 

 We may not be in attendance, but please remember to tune in to Channel 5 for the most extensive coverage of the Royal Wedding. You will get to watch all the preparations as they unfold.

Don’t forget to catch the Royal Wedding “LIVE” on Channel 5 on Friday from 3pm onwards. New wedding, new life and a new fairytale in the making.

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