9 Days to Royal Weddding on Channel 5!

With the royal wedding on 29th April expected to to draw the biggest audience in television history, many businesses are jocking to cash in on the big day. You have your usual figurines, coins, mugs and etc but it is more fun to focus on the unusual items out there.

Papa John’s UK is hopping on the “Turn Every Object Into Royal Wedding Object” bandwagon by releasing the official Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Pizza. The pizza sells for £500!

We could make fun of how ridiculous these are getting, but there’s already a Royal Wedding toilet seat. Blimey!!

And what would the royal wedding be be without a viral spoof? Over 7 million hits in 6 days! Not bad! If you aren’t one of the millions who’ve already seen it, check out this viral spoof T-Mobile put together of royal look-a-likes jamming to East 17’s House of Love! The world has William & Kate Fever!!!!

P.S. – The Prince Harry kid is UNCANNY!

Don’t forget to catch the Royal Wedding “LIVE” on Channel 5 on 29th April from 3pm onwards. New wedding, new life and a new fairytale in the making.

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