Jacques Ooi in London – Meeting the cast of THOR!

The Mighty Thor


Thor and Odin

Channel 5 is the official TV channel for THOR and they have sent me, Jacques Ooi from The Noose, to London to meet the cast and director. 

All journalists granted this international junket are required to pass an IQ test.  Guess who did not make the cut. *ah hem*

April 2011.  What better time to visit London. The weather is good (How rare is that?) and the whole country is going gaga over the Royal Wedding.  It’s a pity that Barbarella was questioned at customs over her taste in “foreign talent” and thus was stuck in Holland. Village, that is.  But that is simply a distraction.  I get to rub it in her face by taking photos in front of the London Eye and Big Ben.  Too bad Barbs. 

And so, The God of Thunder awaits the presence of moi, Jacques Ooi.   Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Kenneth Branagh are going to be ensconced in The Claridges over a lovely Spring weekend in London, awaiting an interview by the illustrious Noose team. How strange does that sound?  There is greater truth in this than a normal story on The Noose.

First up, the director of THOR, Kenneth Branagh.  He’s got a real sense of humour, just like me.  I think he and I hit it off quite well for we are now on first-name basis and we are going to keep in contact via whatsapp.   By the way, because of me, Kenneth is actually thinking of shooting the sequel of THOR in Singapore.  THOR in SingaPORE, get it?  So if you are hear that they are coming to Singapore to film the sequel, you know who you should thank. *wink *wink.

I also apparently interviewed Tom Hiddleston.  I was told that it was him but he looks totally different from what he looked like in the movie.  He is a nice “chap” or “lad” or whatever they say in England.  I feel that we had a great connection because he is almost as intelligent as I am, having been schooled at Eton, Cambridge and RADA.  I never knew actors had brains. 

And then there is the God of Thunder from Down Under.  He is very tall, standing almost higher than my hair.  We bonded over deep and meaningful topics such as diets and gym regimes – matters that matter to superheroes and members of the good-looking Noose team (maybe except Jojo Joget and B.B. See).  He should be grateful that he got me as the interviewee.  If it had been Barbarella, he would’ve been chopped liver.  The God of Thunder would’ve have been squished by the Goddess of Thunder Thighs.

Want to know more about what Kenneth Branagh, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have to say about me and the movie THOR?  Click here and here!

P.S. Wondering where’s Natalie Portman?  She stood me up and here she is!  Frolicking in the pond amid the good English weather. 

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