We Are Singaporeans Square 2 Roadshow

We Are Singaporeans ventured out of Caldecott Hill to Square 2 Shopping Mall last Saturday. Were you there to catch all the action? We’re here to give you the inside scoop of the first We Are Singaporeans roadshow!

But before we fill you in with the details, if you have been around the neighbourhood hawker centres or MRT stations, you might have noticed that We Are Singaporeans has also invaded into the heartlands of Singapore!

Singaporeans are probably one of the only ingenious citizens in the world who creatively reserve their seats with their tissue packets (or even MRT ez-links and umbrella). And if you want to have one of these chope tissue packets to chope your seats, look out for us at your neighbourhood kopitiam in the coming weeks!

Now back to the roadshow. We are Singaporeans went down to Square 2 to meet our fans, and we brought along Hossan to quiz the crowd on everything Singapore. Before Hossan started the show, we tested the crowd on how much they know about our brand new game show. And as it turns out, everyone there have watched it too! And in case you are still (one of the very few) wondering when is We Are Singaporeans showing on Channel 5 – pencil it down if you need, it’s every Wednesday. 8pm on Ch 5. Stay tuned to this space for more exclusive behind the scenes on our recording soon!

Ris Low, who was all dressed for the occasion, made a special appearance before we started the game.

Before we left, Hossan joined the crowd and did his signature move in front of the camera. Confirm? Double confirm!

Wish you were there to join in all the fun? Then stay tuned to Channel 5 and our blog for more exclusive footages from our roadshow. And we will be having another We Are Singaporeans roadshow really soon, so remember to join us then!

Till then, catch We Are Singaporeans every Wednesday, 8pm on Channel 5. It’s the celebrity special this Wednesday, so be prepared to be entertained!

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