Movie Event of the Year: Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Sunday 17 April, 7.15pm on Channel 5

The whole world paused for a moment when we all learnt about his death. The musical legend passed away as he was preparing for what would be a series of 50 concerts starting July 13 2009 in London.

This was the concert that the world was meant to see. With footage drawn from more than 100 hours of rehearsal and behind-the-scenes recording, be prepared for a privileged and private look at Michael Jackson up close and personal.In raw and candid details, “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” captures the singer, dancer, filmmaker, architect, creative genius and artist at work as he perfects his final show.

Watch Michael Jackson’s This Is It on 5 on 17th April, Sunday, 7.15pm and stand a chance to walk away with a digital photo frame and exclusive Michael Jackson merchandise including including a “Thriller” 25th Anniversary Edition Music Pass featuring 6 previously unreleased tracks, Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Special Edition DVD, soundtrack and movie poster.


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One Response to Movie Event of the Year: Michael Jackson’s This Is It

  1. Kain says:

    Please fix the tv listing there’s alot of bug i cant find saturday tv listing at all

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