We Are Singaporeans Episode 1. Heng, someone won $10,000!

Did you watch the premiere of We Are Singaporeans (WAS) on Wednesday? Well if you haven’t, fret not! We’re here to bring more exclusive behind the scenes from the first episode!

Our contestants raced neck to neck in Round One, but both Fasle and Jessie decided to use the Hero or Zero Card to beat Terence nearing to the end of Round 1.

Thank god Terence didn’t use the Hero or Zero Card because he got the answer wrong (spelling error!), otherwise all his earnings would have been been gone.




Terence took a risk and saved his Hero or Zero Card for the last question, and it paid off! Doubling his earnings to $800, Terence was our lucky contestant to stand a chance to win $10,000 in the second round!

So how did Terence feel making it into Round Two? And what was his strategy to take home that $10,000!


In Round 2, Terence was put under the spotlight to see if he is Singaporean enough to deserve $10,000. We were stumped by some of the questions during Round 2 but Terence proved that he is a true blue Singaporean and breezed through all the 9 questions! Kudos to our NTU undergraduate who apparently has an IQ of over 170 (no wonder I can’t even make it to Round 1!)

Trivia: The hawker who made Roti John a classic local dish was Shukor. In 1970s, he set up a stall at the Taman Serasi hawker centre near the Botanic Gardens serving Eurasians and Caucasians. Shukor obtained the recipe for Roti John from a fellow hawker in Geylang and began offering the dish at his stall in 1976. So popular was the dish that Shukor sold up to 800 loaves on weekends and over 100 plates a day at his Taman Serasi stall. The stall made the hawker centre synonymous with Roti John. Last we heard from our Makan Kaki, when the hawker centre underwent renovation in 2001, the stall moved to the Serangoon Garden Market where Roti John is still sold by Shukor’s daughter, Noriani Shukor.

Lady luck didn’t seem to be on his side. Terence had already suspected Table Tennis and Swimming to be one of the teams that won more than 5 gold medals in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, but even our Give Chance option didn’t offer him some much-needed help. But Terence went with his instinct and chose Table Tennis. Confirmed? Double confirmed!

Trivia: The Singapore Table Tennis team swept six out of the seven gold medals available in Table Tennis. Unfortunately, our Swimming team went home empty handed but our squad of seven swimmers returned home with six personal bests, three alone coming from 16-year-old Dzulhaili Mohd Kamal. That’s something worth celebrating too!

With $8000 in his pocket now, Terence faced his ultimate test for the $10,000 question – Which airport served as Singapore’s first civil airport from 1937 – 1955. We pondered over the possibilities: Seletar Airport? Changi Airport? Kallang Aiport? And there’s the Paya Lebar Airport. Some might not even know Singapore was home to these airports before.

Trivia: The Kallang Airport was opened in 1937 as Singapore’s first purpose-built civil airport, together with an anchorage for seaplanes. Land was reclaimed in the Kallang Basin to turn the swampy area into a circular-shaped airfield and to build a slipway for the seaplanes. The airport was closed in 1955 when the new Singapore International Airport at Paya Lebar was built.

As the winner of our very first episode, Terrance sure has some bragging to do! Watch the exclusive interview with him below to see what Terrance will do with his winnings, now that he is $10,800 richer.

And be sure to catch the Episode 2 next Wednesday at 8pm! Remember to tune in and you can also win $500 weekly by participating in our weekly lucky draw. Confirmed? Double confirmed!

To watch the full episode of We Are Singaporeans, just click here!

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