We Are Singaporeans Premieres Tomorrow 8pm!

We are so excited to launch a brand new game show We Are Singaporeans tomorrow.  But before you even catch it on Channel 5, we’ll be showing you what goes on behind the scenes exclusively here on our blog! Yes, we are a bunch of kiasu Singaporeans too!

In case anyone who doesn’t know how this game works, we’ll be having 3 lucky contestants every week on our show. In Round 1, they’ll take turns to pick one of the nine celebrity icons to answer questions everything and anything about Singapore. Each correct answer will earn them $50. During the course of this round, they may choose to play the Hero or Zero card, where their earnings will be doubled if they answer the question correctly. However, they’ll be back to square one i.e. $0 if they answer it wrongly.

It’s Hossan’s first episode! I’m sure he is all stoked for the recording just like all of us.

While our production crew is making last minute preparations, our celebrity icons Pamelyn Chee and Patricia Mok are chilling out with the rest of the celebrities.

What audacity!

Here are our 9 celebrity icons and the characters they will be playing on the first episode!

Our floor manager giving last minute briefing to our host, Hossan.

Ta-da! Our set all lit up and ready to roll! Look closely and you’ll see hanging bamboo poles where we hang our laundry. Do you think we Singaporeans are the only ones who do this?

We are all in awe with the set. Not only do we have the void-deck seats and table where our Ah Kong plays chess on, we even have the all-so-familiar dustbins.

Our contestants with Hossan.

Now, the contestant with the most amount of money for Round 1 will proceed on to Round 2 where he/she will be making some serious money. How serious? $10,000 if he/she manages to answer all the 9 questions correctly. Think Who Wants to Be A Millionaire with all the questions related to Singapore. During this round, should the contestant need help with the question, he/she may choose to use the ‘Give Chance’ option, where options will be available for him/her to choose from.

Ah~ Hello Kitty from McDonalds. Those were the days when mums and dads will wake up even before their kids just to have their hands on the toys.

A parking attendant at a chicken rice stall?

It’s a wrap! Woohoo~

So how much do you think our winner walked away with in the first episode? Remember to tune in to We Are Singaporeans tomorrow, 8pm on Ch 5 to find out! Test how well you know Singapore by taking part in the weekly contest. One lucky homeviewer will win $500 and a limited edition We Are Singaporean Card Game set each week. And watch out for more exclusive behind the scenes and interviews on our blog soon!

Click here to find out how you can win $500 and a limited edition We Are Singaporean Card Game set EVERY week!


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One Response to We Are Singaporeans Premieres Tomorrow 8pm!

  1. Smoketopaz says:

    Loved the show! You’re an awesome host Hossan, together with the other celebrities of course….
    Well Done & thank you for making us proud to be a Singaporean!
    Finally, something to make us Singaporeans feel more united and proud =)

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