Calling out to all Singaporeans: We Are Singapore premieres this Wednesday 8pm!

Hossan still has two more shoots before we can all call it a day. This time round, he plays an army recruit and a sergean, who puts him to the test as he quizzes the recruit all the army lingo. What’s D.T.S.G.D? What’s W.A.S?

Hossan doesn’t look too happy with our director!

No special treatment for Hossan when you’re playing a recruit.

Hossan looks so much younger than some of our recruits!

Finally, Hossan is transformed into Ah Kong, with the help of our make-up artist. Well, maybe you have seen this trailer on TV where Ah Kong’s grandson (also played by Hossan) keeps pestering him with all the Singapore trivia questions, but do you know there was a double on set so that Hossan can deliver his lines?

Our make-up artist in action. Too many wigs in her bag!

Here’s the double playing Ah Kong, while Hossan, the annoying grandson delivers his line

Contestants on the show get the chance to walk away with up to $10,000 every week. Fret not, you can also win $500 and a limited edition We Are Singaporean Card Game by participating in our weekly lucky draw!

It’s a wrap for Hossan! All this effort just to bring out the Singaporean in every one of us. Hey, don’t be an apathetic citizen who knows nuts about your country. Just catch We Are Singaporeans this Wednesday at 8pm to see if you really know your motherland! What better way to spend the night by enriching yourself with all things Singapore while being entertained by our celebrity icons including Auntie Lucy, Patricia Mok etc.


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