Point of Entry Season Finale

Point of Entry’s extraordinary four-month run comes to a close this Thursday night on Channel 5. 

We have seen ICA’s Team Epsilon handle cases that ranged from cigarette smuggling to humans being used as drug mules. In the finale, they come face to face with their biggest crime syndicate … Angel!

In the season ender, Angel initiates an operation that could change the face of smuggling forever – by duplicating biometric passports! Like OMG! That means anyone and everyone would be able to come into Singapore and create chaos. Meanwhile Team Epsilon’s leader Glenn has now switched sides and is working with Jackson for Angel.  Jackson also has other things in mind, like taking over the Angel syndicate from his dad and planning his biggest operation yet.  And with Glenn’s help, it looks like he just might succeed!

Will Team Epsilon be able to foil Angel’s plot and is Glenn really willing to sell out the team to Jackson? The finale of Point of Entry will give fans an ending that will leave them breathless.

You don’t want to miss the 2-hour explosive finale on  Thursday. Part 1 at 8:00pm and Part 2 at 10:00pm. Get excited for it now!

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