It’s been a riveting season so far on Survivor, the season premiere kicked off with an amazing outburst at the first tribal council followed by a blindside in the second episode to the surprising early ousting of the game’s most notorious villain in the third installment. It has only been six episodes and already there has been a challenge thrown, blindsides and loads of tribe drama. Here’s a recap what’s happening so far in the latest season of TV’s longest running reality show.

On Day 1, host Jeff Probst and sixteen new castaways were dropped off on a beach by a helicopter to begin their adventure. On the beach Jeff announces that Russell Hantz, a fan favorite but castaway villain, and Rob Mariano (aka Boston Rob), an extremely skilled three-time Survivor veteran, will be joining them.

Jeff then reveals to all the castaways that unlike prior seasons they will not be out of the game once they are voted out.   Instead they will go to Redemption Island where they will live alone until the next person is voted out.   The two will then duel to see who stays on Redemption Island and who goes home.   At a certain point in the game, the remaining person on Redemption Island will be able to rejoin the game for another chance at the million-dollar prize.

After dividing the group into their tribes it works out like this:

Ometepe Tribe – Rob,  Andrea, Ashley, Francesca, Grant, Kristina, Matt, Natalie and Phillip.

Zapatera Tribe – Russell, David, Julie, Krista, Mike Ralph, Sarita, Steve and Stephanie.

In the season’s first immunity challenge Zapatera was victorious and the decision of voting a castaway to Redemption Island was left to the Ometepe tribe. At tribal council, after an astonishing verbal outburst Francesca becomes the first castaway to be sent to Redemption Island.  Then in episode 2 Ometepe was again second bested by Zapatera in the immunity challenge and Matt oblivious to the tribe dealings becomes the second castaway to be sent to the Island.

Then came an incident packed episode 3, first up it was Francesca vs Matt on Redemption Island’s first battle with Matt emerging victorious. Next a plot begins to get Russell out of the tribe, attending spectators from Zapatera Steve and David arrive back at camp from the Redemption Island duel and tell everyone that Francesca won the duel and Matt got sent home but as soon as Russell, Stephanie and Krista aren’t around, Steve reveals the truth to his alliance. Then the majority in Zapatera goes on to throw the immunity challenge so they could vote Russell out of the game. In the end, Russell gets the majority of votes and becomes the third person sent to the Island.

Russell arrives on Redemption Island in episode 4 and is surprised to see Matt and not Francesca at Redemption Island. He realizes how much his tribe had lied to him.  At the duel, Matt continues his form on Redemption Island and defeats Russell, as Jeff tells Russell that he is out of this game, Russell is speechless and begins to cry, after regaining his composure he then started to blast his tribe for throwing the challenge. Russell then puts his buff in the fire and exits the game. In the episode’s immunity challenge Zapatera got back to winning ways after throwing the previous challenge, and in the resulting tribal council Ometepe sends Kristina to Redemption Island.

The next two episodes saw Ometepe chalked up wins in reward- immunity challenges and as expected Zapatera got rid of Krista and Stephanie who had previously aligned with Russell. On Redemption Island Matt’s winning streak continues with 4 wins out of 4 after sending Krista out of the game, he will face Stephanie next in episode 7.

Survivor: Redemption Island is now showing on Channel 5 every Thursday, 6pm (Same Day US Telecast) and Friday, 11pm (2nd Telecast)

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