Madam Leong unleashes her… paint brush!

Can’t get enough of Hossan? Continue reading to find out what he will be playing next for We are Singaporeans trailers!

So the shoot with Hossan continues. This time, he decides to take his character to the next level and portrays a kiasu mother at a P1 registration programme, going all out to get a place for her kid in a primary school.


The spontaneous Hossan turning into a hot Mama!

Hossan trying to memorize his script before camera rolls

Hossan as a primary school teacher, apparently traumatized by the tiger mothers/fathers in class.

Anything for a place in the school!

Next, Hossan plays an angsty Taxi Driver and a typical passenger on a very hot afternoon.


Our crew getting ready for the shoot.

Meanwhile, Hossan is all dressed as a passenger, having his photo shoot elsewhere.

This is how we get the shot of the passenger at the backseat.

FYI, the air-con is NOT turned on. So imagine the heat inside the cab! Poor Hossan…


Continue watching out for this space as we bring you more exclusive behind the scenes of We Are Singaporeans. Remember, We Are Singaporeans premieres on Wednesday 6th April, 8 pm on Channel 5. Test yourself and see how Singaporean you are. Watch and win $500 and a limited edition We Are Singaporean Card Game set each week!

Confirm? Double Confirm!



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