Behind the scene with Towkay Leong and Auntie Leong

Some of you might have seen the TV trailer for our new game show ‘We are Singaporeans’, hosted by funnyman Hossan Leong! Hossan played all the different characters in the promos (madness!), portraying the different sides of Singaporeans. In the first trailer, Hossan was playing a typical auntie in the supermarket and a sales promoter.

We’ll bring you the behind-the-scene shots here!

Our make-up artist started work on Hossan to transform him into an everyday auntie (with make-up). But not without the wig!

All ready to roll!

It's so hard to control your laughter on set!

Judging from the auntie’s facial expression behind, Hossan can sell anything to you and you’ll be easily convinced

Next, Hossan played a drink stall owner and a Kopitiam helper against a typical neighborhood coffee shop setting.

P.S. Do you know Hossan hasn’t tried a Milo Dinosaur before?

Hossan tries to memorize his script while our makeup artist is ageing him.

Hossan trying to learn the ropes of being a drink stall owner

Hossan as kopitiam helper, waiting for his cue from the director.

After a hard day at work… but this isn’t the end for Hossan!

Check out what characters Hossan will be playing next and do remember to catch the TV trailers as he sizzles up the scene! We Are Singaporeans is a game show about everything and anything Singapore – from history to culture to trivia! So if you think you know Singapore well enough, then challenge yourself and catch the premiere of We Are Singaporeans on 6th April, Wednesday, 8pm on Channel 5. Watch and stand a chance to win $500 cash and a limited edition We Are Singaporeans Card Game set each week! We’ll bring you some exclusive behind the scene of the recording session soon =)

Click to learn more about We Are Singaporeans and the latest updates!

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