Are you Singaporean enough? – We are Singaporeans Publicity Shoot

Hossan as a Kopitiam Helper!

Very excited about our new upcoming gameshow called We are Singaporeans, hosted by funnyman Hossan Leong! We spent two full days with Hossan shooting for both on-air trailers and print ads! It was hilarious! Don’t want to give too much away but Hossan plays ALL the characters in the promos – taxi driver, a grandfather, an army recruit, aunty in a supermarket, drink seller in a coffeeshop and more!

Check out these behind the scenes pics and look out for the trailers on Channel 5 starting very soon!

Now as a Drink Stall Owner - he actually had some real customers ordering Kopi from him!

On a break - but in character!

A little boy harrassing his 'Ah Kong'.

An army recruit - back to doing push ups!

Special Offer! Special Offer! Again he had a few real customers asking him about shitake mushrooms!

Hossan getting ready for his 'aunty' role. Watch the trailers for his full transformation!


We are Singaporeans airs on Wednesday, 6 April at 8pm.

Confirm? DOUBLE confirm!!

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