An Audience with The King!

 Channel 5 is the Official TV station for The Lion King musical, now playing at the Marina Bay Sands and we were there to bring you the glitz and glamour at the gala premiere!

 Our invitation card says that the dress code for the event is black-tie. In most countries, this would mean a tuxedo for the gentlemen and a cocktail dress to a long evening gown for the ladies depending on the time of the event.

But as we all know, here in Singapore, black-tie is never really quite black-tie. Most people would turn up in formal wear, which is a nice suit with a tie. Flying Dutchman (Class 95FM Deejay) gets brownie points for turning up in the correct dress code for the evening. Poor Clement Chow, he didn’t get the memo that it is a black-tie event and turned up in a floral shirt and light-coloured jeans. Heard it through the grapevine that his ‘friend’ who invited him didn’t tell him. (tsk, tsk…)

FD in a tux and Clement Chow in.. well, he's not in a tux...

Enlai interviews FD and Clement Chow


Chua Enlai, Rebecca Lim, Jade Seah, and Adrian Pang.

Our Channel 5 artistes, Adrian Pang, Jade Seah and Rebecca Lim cranked up the star factor on the red carpet. Rebecca went against the norm of a dress and turned up in a pantsuit coupled with accessories from a local designer, which we thought was quite refreshing.
Socialite Georgia Lee turned up with billionaire philanthropist Dr. Frank Cintamani. With her towering heels, Georgia looked fabulous in her gown! Except it made her partner for the night look shorter than he actually is.


Shame we can’t see Georgia Lee’s puffy gown in this pic! 

Hossan Leong, our host for our brand new upcoming gameshow, ‘We Are Singaporeans’ jazzed up the standard tux with a touch of gold.

Roz (987FM deejay) ditched her usual rocker chic look and look absolutely fabulous in a long flowy black gown!

And last but not least, Patricia Mok took us by surprise in a floral kimono dress! She looked gorgeous in it!
To catch more of the glitz and glamour on the red carpet, tune into Channel 5 and look out for the interstitial covering THE LION KING gala premiere from Monday, 14 March, 10pm onwards! Here’s a little behind the scenes chit chat with the cast for your enjoyment!

Our host Chua En Lai, got an audience with The King! He met Jonathan Andrew Hume (Simba), Puleng March (Nala), Jee-L Guizonne (Mufasa), Patrick Brown (Scar) and Gugwana Dlamini (Rafiki) and here’s what he found out:

1. Jonathan Andrew Hume first started out in The Lion King production in London where he plays the part of the back of the rhinoceros. He fell in love with Singapore the second he touched down and is looking forward to exploring “the non-tourist” areas of Singapore. So keep a lookout for him in your HDB neighbourhood!

2. Gugwana Dlamini and Puleng March are both from South Africa.

3. Jee-L Guizonne is French and he loves Singapore’s MRT! He says it’s nothing like the metro he’s ever been on!

4. The cast clued in that special elements and surprises are built into the Singapore version, so go catch The Lion King at the Marina Bay Sands!

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