Confessions of a Crime: Frankie Chang

At five years old, Frankie Chang was abandoned by his parents. Feeling like he didn’t belong, Frankie consistently ran away from every institution he was put in. At 15 years old, Frankie was thrown into an adult jail for breaking out of boy’s home. Released six months later, Frankie came out a changed and more dangerous man.

This single trip to prison would dramatically change his life as the time there kick-started his involvement in gangs. This involvement would see him spent the next 30 years in and out of jail for drug related charges, robbery and finally for breaking out of prison.

While in his last imprisonment, he was very determined to turn over a new leaf and hence he picked up drawing. Due to the lack of resources and the constraint of drawing materials in prison, he learned drawing with just charcoal and lead. He had to painstakingly hand-grind the charcoal and pencil lead with the stick of a paintbrush before using cloth to spread the mix over the drawing paper. Frankie completed about 160 pieces of painting whilst in the prison; his works consist of historical buildings, prominent politicians and successful businessmen and personalities.

Frankie was released from prison in late 2007 and while he was about to start life afresh, he was unfortunately diagnosed with 3rd stage of colon cancer. Part of his intestine has been removed and he is under-going chemotherapy now. This has caused numbness to his right arm and hand and he now has to take a much longer time to complete a painting.

Frankie is 60 years old this year and his wish is to die as an accomplished artist instead of an ex-convict.

Confessions of a Crime airs on Sunday, 10pm

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